How to Reserve Library Materials

We recommend patrons check availability of materials through our online catalog. If the item is very new or not out yet, you can call/message us to see if we are going to get it. We are always open to suggestions from our patrons.

Also, if we do not have the book or audiobook available, you can see if you can access it through the Ohio Digital Library. There are tips and instructions on how to access ODL here.

Another option is through Inter Library Loan, which would require you to call us or come in and fill out a form. Our Inter Library Loan Librarian will then check to see if another library is willing to send their copy to us for you to check out.

There are several ways patrons of the Delta Public Library can reserve (put on hold) library materials:

  • Call the library during operating hours to talk to staff or call and leave a message outside of operating hours.
  • Email the library by clicking here.
  • Message us on Facebook.
  • Reserve items through our online catalog, accessible through our website.

How does a patron reserve items through the online catalogue?

  1. To reserve items online, a patron must know their library card number and password/PIN. You can call/message us if you need this information.
  2. Go to our online catalog.
  3. Log in to patron account. Link is in the upper right corner.
  4. Once you are logged in to your patron account, you can access lots of information regarding your personal account.
  5. Search for your target item or a general search for a subject.
  6. Once you find an item that you are interested in borrowing, you click "add to cart" at the bottom right of the description.
  7. When done selecting library materials, click the green Cart button next to the search bar.
  8. A popup window will appear. Click the boxes to the left of each item you wish to reserve, then click "Place Hold".
  9. Confirm that the items selected are the ones you want to reserve then click submit.
  10. You have successfully reserved library materials from the Delta Public Library! We access hold lists daily, pull the materials off the shelf or put aside when returned. Then call the number on your account to let you know you have books on hold. If the book is checked out to another patron, we will give you a call when the next available copy becomes available.