The Reading Road Trip

The Reading Road Trip - fun educational tv all summer long!

There are crafts done during each episode. A link to save and print them will be available when episodes are posted on website. The library also has free print out of activities and crafts for patrons to pick up in the Children's Area.

2021 Summer Season Episode Schedule

Last week of May: Special Preview Episode 

May special craft and activity sheet

June 7th: Animals that Aren't Here Anymore – Dinosaurs with Dodo, Mammoth, and Megaladon Shark

Dinosaur craft body & spine plates/eyes and activity sheets A & B

June 14th: Desert – Camel with Komodo Dragon, Tortoise, and Coyote

Camel craft  & activity sheet

June 21st: Pets – Dog with Cat, Fish, and Gerbil

Dog Craft & activity sheets A & B

June 28th: Forest – Owl with Racoon, Bobcat, and Bat

Owl Craft & activity sheet A & B

July 5th: Farm – Cow with Pig, Horse, Chicken, and Goat

Cow Craft & activity sheet A & B

July 12th: Arctic – Polar Bear with Penguin, Narwhal, and Walrus

Polar Bear Craft and Activity sheet A &

July 19th: Tropics – Gorilla with Monkey, Parrot, Chameleon, and Sloth

Monkey Craft and Activity sheet A, B, & C

July 26th: Savanna – Giraffe with Lion, Elephant, Zebra, Hippopotamus, and Rhinoceros

Giraffe Craft and Activity sheet A, B, & C

August 2nd: Ocean – Octopus with Whale, Shark, and Dolphin

Octopus Craft and Activity sheets A, B, & C

August 9th: Freshwater – Turtle with Beaver, Otter, and Swan

August 16th: Australia – Kangaroo with Koala, Crocodile, and Spiny Anteater

August 23rd: Mythical Animals – Unicorn with Dragon, Griffin, and Phoenix